Welcome to the first blog post of my new series ‘places I need to travel in my lifetime’

Not many people get the opportunity in their lives to travel but if you have it why not take advantage of it and explore as much as you can before you end up 40 with three kids and saying the words ‘what if’ ! The world we live in has so much to offer but unfortunately the things we see today might not be here for our children to see due to climate change so I suggest that if you’re young with no responsibilities you should pack a backpack and travel as much as you can! Make sure that before you settle down you have done everything that you could possibly do to feel fulfilled and that you have accomplished everything that you want from life. No one wants to live a life filled with regrets after all we only live once. (unless any of you believe in reincarnation) Love, Laugh and Live your life to the fullest!

  1.  Walt Disney World, Florida

    Do not tell me that as a kid you never dreamt about going to Disney world? It’s the most magical place in entire world!


  2. New York City, New York

    ‘The city that never sleeps!’ There is literally nothing that you can not do in NYC everywhere you turn there is something to see, something to inspire you. And it is one of the fashion capitals of the world!


  3. Cape Town, South Africa

    The amount of times i have been to South Africa and never seen past Sandton is un freaking believable considering i’m from Zimbabwe and most of my family live in SA so it would be a crime for me not to visit ‘the Italian Rivera of Africa’


  4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    I’ve been to Amsterdam before however i was and a school trip so we didn’t really get to explore much hence why i want to go again. The city of Amsterdam is so beautiful and the people there are so nice why wouldn’t i want to go here again.


  5. Paris, France

    It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the global centre for art, fashion and culture. With so much to see how can you not want to go to Paris.


I hoped you enjoyed this post and i truly hoped that i inspired you to travel to these places!

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