No matter how bad the weather may seem outside spring is finally here although it most certainly doesn’t seem like it considering how cold the weather is here in ‘sunny’ England. Well anyway moving on to more positive things wedding season is almost here and i thought that i would give you some ideas both designer and high street to inspire you on picking the perfect wedding outfit. In my opinion i believe that you can wear whatever the hell you want to a wedding unless of course they have a dress code because dressing smart obviously means different things to different people. If you want to wear head to toe black wear head to toe black. Wear a brightly beaming dress that brings out your personality. Do what you gotta do to make you feel good!



Image 1 of True Violet Bandeau Peplum Maxi Dress With Split In PrintImage 1 of True Violet 2 In 1 Pencil Dress In Rose Floral Print

Image 1 of ASOS Double Layer Textured Wiggle DressImage 1 of Chi Chi London Off Shoulder Midi Dress in Organza

Image 1 of MID-LENGTH DRESS from Zara Image 1 of  from Zara


However there are a few things that you must NEVER EVER EVER wear to a wedding such as :

  1. An extremely short dress ( you obviously don’t want people to see things that they shouldn’t.)
  2.  A super tight dress ( no one wants to feel uncomfortable at a wedding.)
  3. A super sparkly dress ( we want all eyes on the bride.)
  4. A hooded sweatshirt (just NEVER do this just no.)
  5. Club attire ( why would you ever think of wearing this to a wedding in he first place?)


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