Known as the most Coveted, Secret Dinner In White – the first Le Dîner en Blanc was in Paris, and now the popular event has spread around the world spanning over five continents! If you don’t already know, the principles of the event are simply that guests dress formally in white; and that they enjoy quality food, wine and good company. No one knows where it will take place until the last minute and that is what makes it so exciting. Imagine white tables and people dressed in white around them, eating a gourmet dinner, under the fading summer light.

I am going to give you all an insight into what i would wear if i was ever invited along with how i’d dress my date.




What my date would wear:

Displaying TUX_White_Dinner_Peaked_large_1.jpgDisplaying TUX_White_Dinner_Peaked_large_1.jpgdiner

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