Welcome back to a third addition of ‘what I would buy if y parents won the lottery’. So for all you rich people out there with money to spend here is a list of things i would buy if i were you!

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to shop” – Blair Waldorf

p.s this is going to be a long one so make sure your sat comfortably.

Enjoy x



Almost ever huge celebrity and fashion blogger have been rocking these beautiful leather slippers in recent fashion weeks and i can tell you they will go with almost EVERYTHING in your wardrobe.


How gorgeous are these suede pumps? Oh my goodness! you would be a fool not to buy these they come in a range of colours and material and if i had the money i would most probably buy the entire range. OOPS


Who knew that gucci had such amazing shoes? i think i may have gained a slight obsession (not like I didn’t already have a huge shoe problem already) But look at these pointed pumps like WOW!!!


GIVENCHY GIVENCHY OMG GIVENCHY. if you do not want one of these bags in your life then you are just simply lying ¬†yourself because what person in their right state of mind doesn’t dream of owning one of these one day?


why not be like one of the Kardashians/ Jenners and get yourself one of these!


A Chanel classic bag. Don’t tell me that you have never dreamed of owning one of these because they are one of the most popular designer bags out there.


Complete your outfit with this amazing 70’s style bag. Don’t be fooled by the size of this bag because trust me it is very spacious.


I have finally included another pair of flats. YAY! Look at the colours on these. they are giving me such Cochella inspired vibes right now.


We all need at least one backpack in our lives so why can it not be this one?


unfortunately this bag is sold out online, however you can get it in selected boutiques. I have truly fallen in love after finding this little gem.

Lastly if you are not the materialistic type then suggest that you travel and see the world and everything that it has to offer!



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