In my humble opinion 80s fashion was completely and utterly hideous. It was truly a dark moment for fashion, filled with the most unruly trends the world will ever see, however we learned from our mistakes and progressed  enough that although the bodysuit is back it has evolved into a thing of beauty. It may have been inspired by the 80s but It has never been presented with such elegance. I don’t think we’ll be seeing anyone in a bright neon pink bodysuit any time soon.

Right now it’s all about luxe materials – lace, ribbon, heavy embroidery, beading and velvet etc. Underwear is the new outerwear.  With more opulent materials available to us I don’t think bodysuits have ever been looked so flattering on women of all shapes and sizes. 

Every well known brand across the globe is selling bodysuits, and underwear brands such as Agent Provocateur are encouraging women to embrace their bodies and have the confidence to wear their range of sexy lace filled bodysuits as casual wear to pair with jeans and of course you could always add a cute bralet underneath, which ever way you feel comfortable. It’s 2017, who cares, wear what you want, society has come a very long way and women’s style has evolved so much. Damaris Evans, who has long loved the body. “They’ve been produced for years, but I think they’ve been underestimated until the recent merging of lingerie and ready-to-wear,” she says. “When crafted properly, they are phenomenally flattering and can be layered very tastefully.”

The comeback of the body suit only goes to show that fashion trends are recycled now and again, even the ones that we thought we had gotten rid of forever. The trends of the past are coming back to life as better versions of themselves, first it was wide leg patterned trousers, now the body suit, my question is which trend is making a comeback next? 

Here are some of my favourite body suits on the market right now from both high street and designer brands;


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