Leeds fest; The best way to end your summer

Leeds fest; The best way to end your summer

With so many amazing acts playing this year Leeds Fest is the place to be this summer and in my opinion the best way to end your summer.

For a student like myself no summer would be complete without a trip leeds fest especially after the stressful year I have had. I just recently finished sitting my GCSE’s so you can imagine the last couple of months have not been easy for me, hopefully I will be celebrating my results at Leeds fest this year! It’ll be a chance for not only me but for everyone to forget about reality and to come together for one weekend to enjoy good music, have fun with their friends and of course meet new  people. What more could you ask for? It really is the best way to end your summer festivities.

If you haven’t already bought your ticket yet, what are you waiting for? The festival is a month away and it has one of the best line ups ever! It looks amazing! Eminem is playing this year and I would not miss it for the world! I’m also extremely excited to see Migos, Major Lazer, Bastille and Kasabian live!

Why you need the extras?

Like any other festival Leeds Fest offer extras to help make your weekend that little bit easier and if you have the extra money I would advise you to purchase them because they will make your experience so much better!

Early entry – If you have a weekend ticket, this is only £20 extra and you get to go in before everyone else, so why wait in a huge queue when you can go in early? I personally think it’s worth it, you get first pick on where to place your tent! Trust me when I say that this is a life saver, if you enter with everyone else, they’ll be so much chaos that it’ll be hard to find a place to put your tent.

LockerThis is also only £20 and a secure place for you to keep some of your belongings that you may not want to carry around with you or that you’re afraid people may steal.

Charger pack – For £20 you get a charger pack that you can replace and then keep for the rest of your life! And you get to make sure that your phone never runs out of battery, that way you can capture lasting memories and amazing videos to look back on.

Seat of Luxury – If you are going to purchase only one of these extras, I suggest that it be this one. I already hate having to go to public toilets so never mind in a muddy field with thousands of other people, plus I need to shower! Hygiene is very important and for £35 you get transported to the Mayfair hotel where you get, fully-staffed toilets -hot running water -vanity mirrors -hair dryers & straighteners. It’s every girls dream!

Camping Alternatives

If you are anything like me (high maintenance), camping isn’t really your forte and the idea of sleeping in a field with thousands of other people in a thin tent doesn’t really appeal to you, however Leeds fest have got you covered. Thankfully there are alternative packages that offer either luxury camping or accommodation elsewhere. So you still get to experience all that the festival has to offer and then get to sleep in a more comfortable environment.

Luxury Camping – https://podpadhs.com/leeds . Luxury Camping is located in the Pink Moon Camp site which offers friendly & efficient staff 24 hours per day, maintained toilets and showers, and a central hub offering food,drink,wifi and even a shop.

Ticket and Hotel Package – https://www.festicket.com/packages/leeds-festival-2017/?referrer=festival-republic&campaign=leedsfestival.com&shared_from=partner_linkgen&utm_source=leedsfestival.com&utm_campaign=Leeds%20Festival%202017&utm_medium=Partner%20-%20Supplier&buy=hotels-packages

Ticket and Apartment Package – https://www.festicket.com/packages/leeds-festival-2017/?referrer=festival-republic&campaign=leedsfestival.com&shared_from=partner_linkgen&utm_source=leedsfestival.com&utm_campaign=Leeds%20Festival%202017&utm_medium=Partner%20-%20Supplier&buy=apartment-package









Where to go for brunch if you’re ever in Bulawayo

Where to go for brunch if you’re ever in Bulawayo

I cannot believe We’re already half way through the year. How is it June already? I honesty cannot get over how fast this year is going by. It’s literally flying by and I don’t know how I feel about that, I feel as though I’ve only accomplished a few of my resolutions and now I only have 6 months to try and complete the rest of them!  
It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a year since I last visited my hometown of Bulawayo because I remember it like it was yesterday. And it’s almost been a year since I went to France with my favourite people. And it’s been 3 years since I went to Amsterdam. It’s unbelievable. The last four years of my life have gone by so quickly for me, it’s kind of hard to comprehend. 
Considering I go to Bulawayo almost every single year without fail you’d think that I’d be an expert by now, but no not really. I still don’t know the city centre but I know the best place for brunch – 26 on park. It was during our first few days in Bulawayo and we’d just come back from the country visiting my grandmother and my Auntie and I were looking for a good place to eat and a friend of my cousin recommended 26 on park. 
It’s situated in the suburbs of Bulawayo away from all the chaos. It’s peaceful and the scenery is beautiful. Not to mention the food is amazing, I would highly recommend this place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Fine Dining; Chaophraya Leeds

Fine Dining; Chaophraya Leeds

If you don’t already know my home city of Leeds offers some of the best fine dining in the whole vicinity of Yorkshire and among the many amazing restaurants the city has to offer there is Chaophraya. 
Chaophraya is a Thai restaurant which first opened up in 2004 and like many restaurants there is a meaning behind the name, Chaophraya is named after the largest river in Thailand which flows through Bangkok where the owner Kim grew up and this is where they take their inspiration from. 
The minute you walk in you can tell just how much love and work the owner has put in and interestingly enough every single of piece is decor has been imported from Thailand giving you the most authentic Thai experience you could ever hope for in the UK. You truly feel as though you have stepped into an entirely different country and escaped to Thailand!
Last Monday me and my brother when to Chaophraya and before Monday I had never tried Thai before so this was my first time (unless you can count the Thai green vegetable curry I once made in food tech at school). I am extremely fussy when it comes to food but the tasting menu that we had was out of this world and I will most definitely be trying Thai again! If you love Chinese and Japanese food you will certainly love Thai! As I’m getting older I’m trying to widen my taste palette which of course means trying new things and Thai was my first step. Life is way too short to eat the same food all the time right? 
Kindly enough Rebecca had set up a private room for the two of us which had traditional floor seating. It was most definitely a different experience but I loved it and the view from the room was so incredible, we got to watch the city of Leeds go from day to night. The room that we sat in can also be booked for private dinners, birthdays and business meetings and sits up to 18 people! The room is great for privacy and you don’t miss out on the live music which is there every Sunday and Monday. And if you want to book the entire restaurant you can do that, there is even a top floor which includes outdoor sitting (great for the summer months) and there is also a bar upstairs #bonus. 
Their menu features a combination of both classical and contemporary dishes, each with the idea to capture the essence of different regions of Thailand. First up on our tasting menu was Chicken Satay and Thai Chicken Tacos. This was the perfect starter for me, I love chicken and I mean who love tacos, especially tacos with a twist, the coconut milk added a kick of sweetness. If you ever try the chicken satay you should definitely dip the in the peanut sauce, it truly makes the dish.
Next up on the menu was Spicy Seafood Undon Noodles and Thai Green Chicken Curry with Steamed Jasmine rice.If you’re a seafood lover then the Spicy Seafood Undon Noodle dish is the one for you, it contains mussels, prawns and squid. This was my first time trying squid and mussels and in all honesty they were so much better than I had expected, it may have been because of the way that they were served within the dish but all I know is that they were delicious. The Thai Curry was undeniably so much better than mine, the flavours just came together to create an incredible dish!
Dessert was unquestionably my favourite, I have a sweet tooth like nobody’s business! The white chocolate box was mouth watering, I could not get enough of it. This was White chocolate Mousse with raspberry coulis on butter shortbread served with a mini macaroon and passion fruit syrup, practically all of my favourite things in one!  We also had the Thai Dessert sampler and I am not a fan of custard but the pandan leaf custard together with the mango sticky rice was like heaven in my mouth!
Thank you so much to Rebecca and the staff at Chaophraya for the loveliest meal and for giving me such a warm welcome, I am forever grateful for your hospitality and I cannot wait to come back!

What I wore;

Favourite influencers of the moment

Favourite influencers of the moment

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Is it even possible to like people that you have never met before? There are so many people out there that inspire me every single day and these are just a few of them. These influencers are a true representation of how if you can dream it you can do it. They are the reason that I work so hard when it comes to my blog because they are the product of how hard work can pay off. 

Recently I have been trying to be more positive and optimistic about life and complain and worry less because life is too short to be miserable and negative. I am a firm believer in the idea that a positive outreach towards life results in a happier life and that’s all we want as humans, right? Although sometimes we are faced with extremely difficult challenges, things do happen for a reason and how we deal with them define who we are as people. There is no point in stressing over the things that we cannot control. We need to eliminate everything negative in our lives and the things that are stopping us from pursuing our dreams, including the people that don’t support us because if we don’t it may be the greatest mistakes that we ever make. We need things and  people that motivate us to do our absolute best and make sure that we lead the happiest and fullest lives possible.

In a new age like today I feel as though there is so much hatred and negativity especially on social media and I honestly don’t understand how people have the time and energy. How can someone take time out of their day to purposely judge and hate on someone for living their life? Do they not have a life of their own to be living? But I guess the jokes on them because whilst their sat behind a screen the person that they’re hating on is getting payed to do what they love and is living their life! I have so much respect for influencers and how they deal with negativity. I mean how can you not fall in love with them? They lead the most amazing lives filled with adventures we could only ever dream of and they do it wearing the most bad ass outfits! I honestly just want to be friends with every single one of them!

My favourite influencers at the moment;

I am so incredibly grateful for all the opportunities that my blog has given me so far. Starting a blog was the best thing that I ever did and something that I will never regret! It has helped me so much to grow as a person and it has given me a new perspective on life and I can only hope that one day I can become an inspiration for people out there as these influencers have been to me.

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