I know six is an extremely awkward number I’m so sorry but i just couldn’t resist. 2016 is going to be  a great year for the fashion industry as more designers are taking more risks and thinking outside of the box. If they can do that who says we can’t? So in this blog post i have included some of the top trends  for this year in the beauty department. !

Smokey eyes – these will forever dominate the beauty world and will not be going away any time soon.


Glittery ye lids – be more adventurous with your make-up look and add a little sparkle to you life in the year of 2016.


Brushed- up eyebrows. – if your like me you’ll hate looking at pictures of your eyebrows from 3 years ago so make sure those things are groomed and in shape for the new year.


That bold statement lip – wear what ever colour lipstick you want no matter where your going or what season it is . Who cares. Be bold. Take a risk. Don’t be boring. Make a statement with your lips.


fabulously short hair – by short i mean bobs. Lately more and more of our favourite celebrities are cutting of the luscious lock for shorter hair and can i just say it looks AMAZING!


Subtle contouring – we’re so over harsh contouring! Instead of contouring you whole face, ditch it and pick one area to focus on so that it looks more natural.


I hope that this year i will inspire you to take more risks with your style. Fashion and beauty is not something that we should take seriously, its just like art, it’s made to be fun so be creative with your style and care less about what others think. WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT IN THE WAY YOU WANT!

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